Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life - Gamecube (Pre-owned)

Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life - Gamecube (Pre-owned)

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Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life is a heartwarming tale that unfolds over six important chapters in your life. While raising crops and tending animals is essential to fiscal success, you'll also make important decisions that can eventually shape the fates of other family members. Out here success isn't measured on a balance sheet or pay stub: It's defined by how you treat your family and neighbors! Besides balancing time spent between folk and family, you'll also need to turn a profit by improving and expanding your farm. In addition to raising cattle, sheep and chickens, there are bushels of intriguing hybrid vegetables waiting to be discovered. -Find the man of your dreams then use your charm to win his heart. -Choose friends who can influence your child's career and future. -Cultivate your best seed varietals into the best produce available or create hybrids.

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Life Simulation | Sandbox |

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