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*NEW Mail-In Trade-ins!

A & C Games is taking Mail-In Trade-Ins from North America!

Accepting Video Games, Consoles and TCG Cards! (Pokemon, MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Please send us a list of items you want to sell and a photo of everything in one photo, with a photo of your Photo ID (No health cards) and we will delete it on our back end once your information has been recorded in our system. 

Once we agree on an amount, then you can ship it with adequate shipping protection to us with your name, address, phone number and a print out of the e-mail log and we will get back to you once everything has been checked!

We can send payment VIA e-Transfer, Paypal or Cheque.


Send the packages to:


A & C Games

Attn: Test Bench

452 Spadina Avenue

Toronto, Ontario

M5T 2G8


Our Shipping Credit Policy

If your items are valued at $200 CAD to $999.99 CAD and we finalize a deal, we will give you $20 on top of the agreed amount to help cover the shipping costs.

For items valued at $1000+ CAD, we will give you $50 on top of the agreed amount to help cover the shipping costs.

Anything below $200 CAD we will not be offering credit towards shipping costs.


We do not offer shipping credit for trade-ins that we do not come to an agreement on, before or after we receive the items.

You are responsible for shipping and insurance, and the cost for any return shipping and insurance costs, we are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages.

Please send your video game inquiries to and write “Mail-in Trade-Ins” on the subject line.

Please send your TCG Card inquiries to and write “Mail-in Trade-Ins” on the subject line.

Please give us up to 5 business days to respond and process trades.


What do I need to know A & C Games for trades?

  • You must have a piece of government-issued photo ID that is not a health card, we will ask you for it after we agree to a price for your trade-ins.
    Please scroll below to see a list of acceptable ID.
  • You must be 18+.
  • You will need to test consoles and certain items before bringing them in. We may ask you to send us video of certain items functioning before we book your appointment.
    In some cases, we will need to verify the authenticity of games through opening up cartridges.


Does A & C Games give cash or store credit?

A & C Games will offer both a cash value (E-Transfer, Paypal or cheque) and a store credit value (to be used in-store only). Store credit will always be more than cash. Once you choose one, you cannot transfer to the other later.


What will A & C Games buy?

- Video Game Software, Consoles and Accessories

- Trading Cards

- Figures (Does not have to be video game related) (Funko POP!, Nendoroid, Figma, Kotobukiya, First 4 Figures etc.)

- Anything Video Game Related (Movies, Toys, Etc.)


What will A & C Games not buy?

We will usually buy anything we sell in the store (retro and new). Please always e-mail or call us to confirm if you are unsure whether your items are valid for trade-ins.

Some (but not all) items we do not accept:

- PC Games

- Items that have too much dirt, dust etc.

- Knockoff or bootleg non video game related items.

- Used headsets, earphones and apparel.


What are forms of acceptable ID?

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Canadian Armed Forces Card
  • Canadian Permanent Resident Card
  • Provincial or Territorial Identification Card
  • Certificate of Indian Status Card

Foreign ID is also acceptable if it is equivalent to an acceptable type of Canadian ID (i.e. foreign passport or driver’s license). We do not accept health cards standalone.


Other Information

  • A & C Games always maintains the right to refuse items at their discretion for any reason.
  • A & C Games will not hold onto items overnight unless we ask you to.
  • A & C Games cannot accept any duplicates on new video games, or more than 4 duplicates on used items unless we allow it.
  • Quotes are always subject to change over time.

Trading Card Game trade-ins - You can e-mail us your lists of your items to, call us at 647-729-5280 or drop off your items for a quotation. If it is a large quantity of cards, we may request that you leave it with us to process for approximately 24-72 hours or longer depending on how busy we are and how many cards you bring.