Game & Console Condition Guide
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During the Covid-19 pandemic, video game trade-ins are done by appointment only, no walk-ins! You must e-mail us a list with photos of all your items attached.

E-mail us your list and photos to

We may ask you for additional information regarding conditions of your items or additional photos or videos of items to show that they are functioning and to show serial numbers on the items.

We will doing cash trade-ins in the form of e-transfer, cash (limited amount, ask before coming in), or cheque if requested.

We will only accept trade-ins with total values of $20 cash or store credit, anything lower will not be accepted to limit the amount of traffic coming in to the store.

Appointment will be scheduled with you through e-mail.

Upon arrival, you will be asked to put your items one by one into a bin so we can make sure everything on the list you sent is there in the condition that is listed.

We will send you the funds or store credit when we are satisfied everything is brought in in the condition expected, we may change the value of the trade-in if items are missing or not in the condition that we expected.

All trade-ins will be subject to a minimum 3 day quarantine before we process the items.

We are only doing trade-ins by appointment only to avoid having unnecessary traffic from coming in for small trade-ins, trade-ins we won't accept, customer not bringing proper ID or the chance of the customer not accepting the quoted value.


What do I need to know before visiting A & C Games for trades?

  • The trade-in desk closes 30 minutes before the store closes everyday, trade-ins will not be accepted within 30 minutes before the store closes.
    so be sure you get here more then 30 minutes before we close!
  • You must come on your scheduled appointment time, if you can't make it on time for any reason let us know asap to reschedule.
  • You must have a piece of government-issued photo ID that is not a health card.
    Please scroll below to see a list of acceptable ID.
  • You must be 18+.
  • You will need to test consoles and certain items before bringing them in. We may ask you to send us video of certain items functioning before we book your appointment.
    In some cases, we will need to verify the authenticity of games through opening up cartridges.
    Please plan your visit with this in mind.


Does A & C Games give cash or store credit?

A & C Games will offer both a cash value (e-transfer or cheque) and a store credit value (to be used in-store only). Store credit will always be more than cash. Once you choose one, you cannot transfer to the other later.


What will A & C Games not buy?

We will usually buy anything we sell in the store (retro and new). Please always e-mail or call us to confirm if you are unsure whether your items are valid for trade-ins.

Some (but not all) items we do not accept:
Consoles with a parental lock which you cannot unlock
PC Games


What are forms of acceptable ID?

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Canadian Armed Forces Card
  • Canadian Permanent Resident Card
  • Provincial or Territorial Identification Card
  • LCBO/BYID Card
  • Certificate of Indian Status Card
  • Birth Certificate (with supporting photo ID, health card acceptable)

Foreign ID is also acceptable if it is equivalent to an acceptable type of Canadian ID (i.e. foreign passport or driver’s license). We do not accept health cards standalone.


Other Information

  • A & C Games always maintains the right to refuse items at their discretion for any reason.
  • A & C Games will not hold onto items overnight.
  • A & C Games cannot accept any duplicates on new items, or more than 2 duplicates on used items.
  • Quotes are always subject to change over time.

Trading Card Game trade-ins can be done when you come in, we will be quarantining the cards for a minimum of 3 days. We will take all appropriate safety measure when handling all trade-ins.