Turok 3 - N64 (Pre-owned)
Nintendo 64

Turok 3 - N64 (Pre-owned)

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Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion picks up where Turok 2: Seeds of Evil left off when gamers were first introduced to "Oblivion" and its lackeys, 'Flesh Eaters. Oblivion is a monstrous cosmic entity that consumed everything in its path. It reigned before the birth of our universe. Invading the bodies of the living and devouring them from the inside-out, Oblivion fed on the very energy of the dead and dying. When the Primagen's Lightship was destroyed, the chain reaction it triggered as a result was so powerful that the universe as it existed was completely eradicated, and the almighty Oblivion was pushed to the very brink of destruction. For the first time, Oblivion felt pain, fear, and hate. Though totally ravaged, Oblivion survived and now desperately seeks a means to punch through the Netherscape that separates our world from the Lost Lands (a strange and primitive world where "time has no meaning"), and the Lost Lands from countless others. The last shreds of the pure energy source that created our world and nearly wiped out Oblivion are contained within the Light Burden, the bag that every member of the Turok lineage has carried. The death of the Turok mantle will signal the beginning of the end: the rebirth of Oblivion.

ESRB Rating: M - Mature

Genre(s): Shooter |

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