Stuart Little Journey Home - GBC (Pre-owned)
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Stuart Little Journey Home - GBC (Pre-owned)

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This little mouse has one big journey ahead of him, and you're just the one to help him out. Unfortunately, the Little family didn't foresee the possible conflict of interest in keeping a cat and mouse on the same household when they adopted Stuart, and that's proving to be a bit of a problem. Between newfound enemies and domestic obstacles, the tiny mouse is having one heck of a time! There are eight gigantic levels to conquer in The Journey Home, and each one is based on a scene from the box office smash STUART LITTLE movies (which are, of course, based on the book by E.B. White). You'll end up tackling a mini-golf course, Central Park, a model boat race, a bunch of toy cowboys, and more in this epic quest for peace. In addition, here are plenty of platforms and hazards to run, jump, and flip through, and three difficulty settings ensure that younger gamers and experienced veterans alike will find the game appealing.

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Action |

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