R: Racing Evolution - Xbox (Pre-owned)

R: Racing Evolution - Xbox (Pre-owned)

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R is a racing-sim game featuring over 33 licensed cars from various motorsports series (such as JGTC, WRC and 24 Hours of Le Mans), and in-depth customization options such as braking, front wheel stabilizers, and car weight. Other features concerning gameplay include drifts, Nitro adjustments, and individual classes and attributes for every car. The game also features a system referred to as the pressure meter, a fighting game-esque gauge that fills up as the player gets closer to a rival car; the higher the meter, the greater the likelihood that the AI will make a critical mistake. Most of the time, when the player overtakes an NPC, it will trigger a dialog, complimenting your movements, and it might also trigger a dialog when the pressure meter is full/half-full, with the opponent slowly feeling the pressure, ending up, most likely, screaming out of control.

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