Namco Museum - Gamecube (Pre-owned)

Namco Museum - Gamecube (Pre-owned)

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Namco Museum (ナムコミュージアム Namuko Myūjiamu?) refers to the series of video game compilations released by Namco for various consoles released in the 5th generation and above, containing releases of their games (mostly arcade games) from the 1980s and early 1990s. Namco started releasing compilations with the "Namco Museum" title in 1995 and continued for a decade and a half with the last release being in 2010 with the exception of re-releases of previous compilations. The series began on the PlayStation with the tentatively named Namco Museum Volume 1, indicating Namco's intent to make further installments of the series. The series ran until Volume 5 on the PlayStation, covering various games from the late 1980s, before moving onto the Nintendo 64, all of the major sixth generation and seventh generation consoles, and Windows PC.

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