Mary-Kate and Ashley Get a Clue - GBC (Pre-owned)
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Mary-Kate and Ashley Get a Clue - GBC (Pre-owned)

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Mary-Kate, Ashley, and their dog Clue are on the case in MARY-KATE & ASHLEY: Get a Clue! You take control of the adorable twins and their dog as they try to collect clues to solve five different mysteries. Each character has a special ability: Mary-Kate can bounce on her head and spring to high places, Ashley can flip switches or pick up Clue to use as a weapon, and Clue can travel through tight spaces and carry the girls on his head. In each of the 50 levels, the girls must collect puzzles pieces, which requires using all of the characters' special abilities. Should any one character die while trying to solve a stage, the stage has to be repeated from the beginning. Help the Olsen twins solve the cases with MARY-KATE & ASHLEY: Get a Clue!

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Platform |

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