FlingSmash - Wii (Pre-owned)
Nintendo Wii

FlingSmash - Wii (Pre-owned)

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The game is set on the fictional Suthon Island. It is said to hold the power to protect the world from harm, which it was protected by a large palm tree and watched over by the nature spirits in the island. Before the game, the antagonist, Omminus, takes over the island in order to rule the world. As a result, the palm tree begins the wither and the princess becomes ill. The leader of the nature spirits recalls an old legend about a hero using sacred pearls to restore the peace. He finds the treasure chest where the hero, Zip, resides. Zip, and a friend from the neighboring Eesturn Island, Pip, set out to retrieve the pearls and defeat Omminus.

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Action |

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