ESPN NHL 2K5 - PS2 (Pre-owned)
Playstation 2

ESPN NHL 2K5 - PS2 (Pre-owned)

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ESPN NHL 2K5 is the second hockey game using Sega's partnership with the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN. As with any sports game, you get the standard game modes. 2K5 has a vastly improved Franchise mode over last year's game. In addition to the e-mail system that was introduced, you have the ability to hire several coaches. You can choose a head coach, offensive coach, defense coach, scouting coach, a goaltending coach and more. When it comes time to hire and fire players, you use actual money, and not points to negotiate contracts. There are a few special game modes as well. You have access to the skills mode, which was also found in last year's game. You can choose accuracy shooting, puck control, hardest shot, fastest skater, and a few more. There is also a Party Mode, which is set up for one to four players (you and friends or you and the computer), which pits you in fast action games. An example is a free-for-all, where you have to get the puck and score it in the net while the constantly moving cinder wall, which blocks the net, is down.


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