EarthBound: Uncut (Reproduction) - SNES (Pre-owned)
Super Nintendo

EarthBound: Uncut (Reproduction) - SNES (Pre-owned)

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NOTE: These games are clearly marked with a "Reproduction" label - they're not to be confused as a "fake or knock-off" of original titles.


EarthBound features many traditional RPG elements: the player controls a party of characters who travel through the game’s two dimensional world, which is composed of villages, cities, caves, and dungeons. Along the way battles are fought against enemies, after which the party receives experience points for victories. If enough experience points are acquired, a character’s level will increase. This increases the character’s attributes, such as offense, defense, and the maximum HP and PP of each character. Rather than using an overworld map screen like most console RPGs of its era, the world is entirely seamless, with no differentiation between towns and the outside world. Another non-traditional element is the perspective used for the world. The game uses oblique projection, while most 2-D RPGs use a “top down” view on a grid or an isometric perspective.


This game wiill play on the following consoles and is region free :


Super Nintendo

Retron 2

Retron 3

Retron 5

Supaboy Handheld

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