Beauty and the Beast A Board Game Adventure - GBC (Pre-owned)
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Beauty and the Beast A Board Game Adventure - GBC (Pre-owned)

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Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: A Board Game Adventure packs the personality and fun of the popular Disney characters into a wild board game filled with a variety of mini-games. Select your favorite BEAUTY AND THE BEAST character and play against three opponents as you race to the finish line. Since everything depends on the roll of the dice, there is a bit of luck involved but skill enters into the mix when you land on one of the mini-game squares. When you do, you'll be whisked to one of 10 side games that will test your reflexes, memory, and skill. Up to four players can play this game by passing the system around after each turn no link cable required! If you want to try something a little different when playing by yourself, challenge the game's Story mode, where you must race the villainous Gaston to the finish of each board.

ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Genre(s): Strategy |

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